Are you a small business? Do you understand why being on social media can help boost your sales but you don’t know whether you should be on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or all of them? You need a social media consultant. 

Or maybe you know exactly what you need to do, but have no time, content or desire to manage them alongside running your business? You need a social media consultant.

Maybe you’re a not-for-profit whose social media expert needs an extra pair of hands or you need someone to keep your social presence going while you recruit someone permanent. You need a social media consultant.

If any of these sound familiar, I can help. I can do everything from training you to manage your social accounts with ease, to taking everything off your hands and doing it for you, it’s totally up to you.   

I’ve worked with small businesses, not-for-profits and social enterprises for over a decade to help them with everything from writing post content to pulling together a digital marketing strategy.